Software Gestione Corsi Collegi Professionali
Software Gestione Corsi Collegi Professionali
Software Gestione Corsi Collegi Professionali
Datakey is a software engineering company. It consists of professionals with over ten years of experience in the creation of information systems which require the use of advanced technologies. Datakey is able to provide a wide range of information technology and outsourcing Web based products and services. Datakey offers complete assistance to its clients, from the development and maintenance of ad-hoc procedures to the production of results and statistics. Datakey can count on a series of well tested and perfectly integrated Web based products after years of constant development and implementation.
Datakey deals with software design and implementation supporting its clients in the start-up and development of solutions and projects. In addition, Datakey offers outsourcing services connected to the development, management and elaboration of information using specific tools and personalized procedures. Thanks to its collaboration with institutional partners and “vertical” procedures and products, Datakey can now pride itself of a “suite” of products and services based on Web platforms. These are perfectly integrated and extremely flexible. Datakey extrapolates and interprets data in various formats coming from different procedures and devices in order to obtain their best integration and use according to the clients’ needs.
Customer Driven
We strive to build and sustain strong partnerships with our customers, based on trust and confidence. We conduct ourselves as an extension of our customers’ organizations. We respond to our customers’ needs with speed, agility, and a “can do” attitude – always delivering on our commitments. We demonstrate dedication to our customers’ success by being flexible, easy to do business with, and accountable.
Value Driven
We believe that our key competitive advantage is our people. We operate under a defined set of Values. We are committed to developing skilled, innovative, and motivated employees, and sustaining a high performance culture, with maximum levels of employee involvement and empowerment. Our creativity, commitment, and passion for responsiveness allow us to thrive in a changing business environment.
Technology leadership
We are committed to providing our customers with innovative technologies that are required today and anticipated for tomorrow. These technologies give our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace which, in turn, differentiates us from our competitors. Datakey is helping organizations to create and sustain Competitive advantage. We support customers’ ideas and help them to become business. Datakey is committed to develop, install and maintain its products so as to provide a full range of services.
Labworks es Lims
Datakey is committed to be the technology partner for Customer Integrated Solutions.
Software developing, installation and maintenance meet PerkinElmer standards.

  • Installation Employee training
  • Initial Developing and support new needs
  • Front-end operations
  • Customer Integrated Solution
  • Customized “Lims”
Competence, availability and commitment to user needs are our strongest advantages

  • Team is always up to date and able to choose the right solution.
  • Over 30 “customized” applications installed and maintained.
  • Average sw development “build-time”: 3 months, from the initial analysis to the delivery.
  • High Customer Satisfaction on survey made by customers regarding:
    • on-time delivery
    • installation
    • efficiency
    • liability
    • performance
    • flexibility
    • post-delivery support